Uirapuru - Tagua Charm Bracelet

Uirapuru - Tagua Charm Bracelet

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This is one of my favorite pieces. I love the bright colors and I do love charms.  I wear one of this in red and it is a start conversation kind of stuff... It is so pretty and fun to wear... besides it is made of ivory nut, which is also very, very unusual..The Amazonian People believes that the nut brings prosperity, happiness, love and abundance. Ivory nuts are a sustainable source and give us the same beautifulness of mammal ivory without killing the elephants”. It is not marvelous?


Ivory Nut - The seed of Wisdom, Love and Harmony. Also called Vegetable Ivory, Tagua or Tagua Nut, the generic name of Vegetable Ivory, or Ivory Nut, is Phytelephas which literally means quot;elephant plant.quot; The old Indians of the Amazon used the Tagua Nut to represent women because of its great romantic energy that draws like magnet. Since then until now, it is the belief that the Tagua Nut brings a strong sentimental wave, and that the person who wares it nurtures from its energy, would always be sincerely loved by family and friends, and would always live in forever harmony, feeling more peaceful and fulfilled.    


     Small squares of Tagua Nut set in a 8in 18gauge Sterling Silver Chain and findings.  Ends in a large Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp.


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