Cheer My Day Up Necklace

Cheer My Day Up Necklace


Adorable and joyfuller as the flying of the Scissors Hummingbird, this necklace will bring a sense of freedom to your day. The two strands of pure Sterling Silver chain with sparkling tiny olive shaped beads of Ivory Nut- the seed of Wisdom and Harmony, in two colors adds a sense of grace and femininity. Dangling for the chain, the centerpiece is comprised of Paxiuba Seeds -the seed of Confidence as used as adornment in sacred rituals to bring confidence, energy, enthusiasm and good ideas. Pendant beads are cupped with pure Sterling Silver and African Jade an energetic loving, soothing, caring and uplifting stone believed to bring harmony to the mind, body and spirit.


    Made with Pure Sterling Silver and Natural, Sustainable Sourced beads. Necklace is 19in where starts the pendant around the neck. The pendant is 4.5in long at the lengthiest point. Overall lengthen when wore is 13.5in long.


    Didn't  love it? Please send it back  on original package, with no signs of wore within 10 days of receiving. Refund will be processed upon receiving the item. Shipping cost to return package will be deducted from original form of payment. Thank you.