About Me and NudeSoul Arts

This website is not "About us" it's "About Me": My work, my passion, my "mental positive outlet". I've started crafting since ever. I am self- taught in Sewing, Cooking, Knitting, Quilting, Embroidery.

My endeavor through the jewelry making started when I was around 12. Growing up in a farm surrounded by indigenous reservations I've learned how to make the jewelry the indigenous people used in their rituals, the symbolism behind seeds, leaves, tree barks they used to make such beautiful, colorful and meaningful pieces. In the beginning it was just just a kid curiosity, during high school and during college time for some coins. After college, I either did not have time or had other interests, besides bills to pay ): so my inner artisan "went to sleep" inside me

After giving up my day job to start my Organic Skin Care Company and back to the forests in sourcing of raw material, the beauty of the fauna and flora resurrected the Artisan inside me, plus some hours just to "take a break". When I am not working, I can be found either hiking, biking,  paddling, rowing,  canoeing or at my tiny studio with my cats, working in some new piece.

My pieces are fundamentally inspired by the beauty of Nature. Fauna and Flora are my color pallet.

My material of choice are non viable seeds enhanced with semiprecious stones, precious metal such silver and gold, pearls and other natural material. My pieces are one of a kind and can not be found in anywhere else.  Very rarely I make two pieces alike.

I also have a line of hand-painted summer clothing (beach and resort wear) and accessories - summer sandals handmade with banana leaves, and other natural fibers, which are available only spring-summer. I create the pieces and have a small company in Brazil to make them.

Nude Soul Artisan Jewelry Clothing and Accessories. You will never see these pieces anywhere else.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, about the content of this website, please feel free to contact me HERE

Thanks for visiting hope to see you again soon.